The people at 4RescuePros.com combine proven teaching skills with Firefighting, Swift Water, Lifeguard, and Diving field experience. The website 4RescuePros.com is the online location for Hayles, Inc. The company leverages its expertise in the development and manufacturing of life-saving devices.

In addition to our own Experts and Instructors, we contract with guest Instructors for teaching of specialized subjects in their area of expertise.

Chief Executive Officer

N.A.U.I. Dive Instructor / S.A.G. Stuntman / Med Tech Diver / Hyperbaric Medic / Saturation Technician / Licensed & Bonded General Contractor / Emergency Medical Technician

Dave Hayles is a veteran of the Los Angeles County's Inglewood Fire Department, which he joined after a successful time at Goodhew Ambulance. He served as an Emergency Medical Technician during the 1992 L.A. riots.

Proficient in Saturation Diving and Bell Bounces to depths well beyond 300 feet, his experience includes Commercial Hard Hat Diver for Offshore Petroleum Divers Inc., in the unpredictable waters of the Gulf of Mexico. California's Martech U.S.A, has contracted Dave Hayles as a Stand-By Diver, Rescue Diver, Robotics Launch Technician, and deployer of Submersibles.

With the help of the life-saving community, Dave has been developing new devices and training protocols for the sole purpose of safely bringing rescuers home after each and every rescue.


Chief of Operations

Wesley Thompson directly oversees the assembly of the rescue devices. A Swift water Technician and a former Los Angeles City Lifeguard, Wesley is also in charge of the testing and manufacturing. He has been involved with water safety for ten years, working with the Los Angeles City Parks and Recreation.

Chief of Sales

Marvin Virgin, Sr. is a retired Fire Captain with 25 years of firefighting and rescue service with Departments on both the East and West Coast. In 1991, he received his Fire Officer's Instructor Certification from the California State Fire Marshal's Office through Long Beach City College. He has many years of Sales and Instructional training.

Marvin honed his training skills as an Instructor for the South Bay Fire Training Academy, and he was a Public Education Officer for over 15 years.

Assistant Chief of Sales

Emergency Medical Technician, Helicopter Aquatic Rescue, Emergency Department Technician, Swift Water Technician, Rock Medicine, Set Medic (13 years Local 767), Helicopter Pilot.

Chief of Training

Gloria A. Altemus is a retired firefighter/paramedic with 10 years of firefighting experience. She has a background as a Hazardous Materials Technician and is an instructor for the California Specialized Training Institute along with UCLA-Labor Occupational Safety and Health Department. She brings 15 years of classroom instruction to our team.

Chief Financial Officer

Leslie Norwood is a N.A.U.I. Certified Diver and a Certified Public Accountant in the State of California. She has sixteen years of experience in the financial arena.

We are a dynamic and growing company dedicated to saving lives. If you believe in our product, are enthusiastic about our market and growth potential, and would like information regarding a private monetary investment in our mission, please contact us at stuntdiver@sbcglobal.net for more information.